Kitchen Butchers Block

Reclaimed teak butchers table


A simple yet elegant design


End Grain Butcher Block Table


A beautiful and hardwearing end grain butchers block


Charter Solid Oak Dining Table


A Butcher's Block style dining table of solid oak
£274 £208.96


Butcher Block Table by F.Beauchet


Durable End Grain Butcher Block Table


Butcher Block Table by MC Berger


Modern End Grain Butcher Block Table


Rustic Chabret Butchers Block Table


Rustic End Grain Butchers Block

Butchers Block Table

A butchers block is the centrepiece of a kitchen

Finish off your kitchen in style with a table that will be the envy of your friends and family.

View our hand picked selection of the best butchers block tables on the market.

A butchers block table can be a useful addition to any kitchen providing extra storage space for pots and pans and utensils, a vegetable store, or a place for storage crates. A decent butchers block worktop provides the perfect work surface for food preparation, pastry work and chopping.

A butchers block table, however, is much more than just a useful table for your kitchen. Taking pride of place, the butchers block table adds character and charm and can often be used to make a statement in a kitchen. As the centrepiece to a kitchen, a butchers block can brighten up the dullest of kitchens and add a lot of aesthetic value to your home. You don't need to spend a fortune for a kitchen to look great. A well selected butchers block table is what people will notice in your kitchen. Create the look and feel that you desire for your home.

Our research of the butchers block market covers the whole spectrum of tables around from antique to modern, whether you are after a sophisticated piece of furniture or a simple and functional table, and whatever the size, we will endeavour to find the best butchers block table for you.

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